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Lounging Lizard Publishing

Discounts for Approved Wholesalers.

Our current catalog features books by well respected authors, particularly in the Locksmithing and Forensics areas of expertise, and more books are coming soon!

Consignment, Drop Ship or Single Books:
Less 30%

Purchase 2-9 books on a single order:
less 40%

Purchase 10 or more books on a single order:
less 40+5%

Purchase 10 or more books on a single order
and add the books to your catalogue, flyer or web page:

less 50% (Does not apply to Hard Cover books. They are maximum 40+5%)

Special rates as Negotiated.

Email us at: don@lounginglizardpublishing.com

Online Catalogue of Books and Software: http://www.lounginglizardpublishing.com/lizard.htm